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Saturday, April 20, 2024
6-10 pm
Bearden Banquet Hall
        5806 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN

$35 per person/$65 per couple/$275 per Table of 10

Silent Auction, Live Music and Cash Bar start at 6:00 pm

Dinner and Awards Celebration start at 7:00pm

You're invited

The Circle of Change Awards are closely tied to Community Shares mission of promoting a more just & caring community through supporting the work of more than 30 social justice member organizations working to address the root causes of poverty, hunger, racism, and seeking positive changes on a systemic level. The Circle of Change awards honor those in our community who  give significant time and energy in the  service of social  change. There are six awards given out.

2024 Circle of Change Award Recipients


Danny Mayfield Champion of Change:  Ralph Hutchison

The Danny Mayfield Champion of Change Award goes to a leader in our community who has championed an initiative or campaign whose goal is to change conditions that create injustice.  This year’s award goes to Ralph Hutchison for more than 30 years of leadership in the fight against nuclear weapons, and for his efforts to address other issues of justice including anti-war, death penalty abolishment, stopping gun violence, antiracism, immigration rights and other important issues in our community.


Renaming Gardener of Change Award

The Gardener of Change is awarded to an educator who teaches students to think critically about issues of injustice and encourages them to take action. The consummate “teacher” in the classroom and community, Fran Ansley exemplifies this award and we wish to honor her legacy by permanently naming this award the Fran Ansley Gardener of Change Award.


Fran Ansley Gardener of Change:  David Krebs

The newly named Fran Ansley Gardener of Change Award goes to David Krebs for his dedication to addressing complicated social, political and environmental issues in the classroom and beyond, his commitment to ensuring students are included at the table and that the community is at the center of government decisions around education.


Seed of Change:  Eimy Quiroz

The Seed of Change is awarded to a person under age 25 who has shown leadership, vision and courage in addressing injustice. This year’s award goes to Eimy Quiroz for her part in putting the question of tuition equity in the larger conversation about social justice and educational access in Tennessee and her tireless work in service to East Tennessee's Latino immigrant community


Artist of Change:  Rachel Milford

The Artist of Change award goes to an artist who uses their art to create social change or demonstrates a connection between their art and social change.  Rachel Milford is this year’s recipient for creating and sustaining an art organization that addresses social issues, creates and strengthens communities and involves hundreds of people.


Campaign for Change:  Justice for Palestine campaign

Over the past 6 months, an array of organizations and individuals have come together to call for a ceasefire in Gaza and justice in Palestine through a variety of activities and tactics. This campaign includes members of the Palestinian diaspora and their allies, Students for Justice in Palestine (UTK), Ramallah, Palestine Club, Jewish Voices for Peace, Riverside Community CW, Women in Black, Palestine Action Liberation, LAMP and more. We honor their work to address this ongoing crisis. 

Remembering our 2019 celebration...

bill murrah and malaika
eldora rebecca
barbara and john mott
malaika at table
marcus glenda and others
stop 287g folks
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